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Six ways to win at Promotional Marketing - Committee of Advertising Practice publishes further guidance on promotions, competitions and prize draws

WP29 Guidelines on Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and determining whether processing is "likely to result in a high risk" for the purposes of the GDPR - the how, when and why of carrying out a DPIA

WP29 consultation on new Guidelines on Personal data breach notification under the GDPR - assessing risk and the need to notify breaches

European Commission Report on the first annual review of the functioning of the EU-US Privacy Shield - not bad but "room for improvement"

Ofcom Consultation on Proposals to revise Residential and Business Voluntary Codes of Practice on Broadband Speeds - tougher requirements for internet providers

Internet Safety Strategy Green Paper - "ensuring Britain is the safest place in the world to be online"

European Commission Communication on Tackling Illegal Content Online: Towards an enhanced responsibility of online platforms - principles for online platforms to combat illegal content in cooperation with national authorities

Robert Maxted v Investec Bank plc - indulgence clauses can work but there is no absolute guarantee…

Alfred Sparks v Philip Biden - a rare case of implied terms

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd v Fougera Sweden Holding 2 AB - High Court refuses to imply duty for seller to cooperate into sale and purchase agreement

Al-Ko Kober Ltd v Balvinder Sambhi t/as Torquebars - High Court grants malicious falsehood injunction and data protection order to restrain YouTube videos

The Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland Ltd - "Schrems II": Irish High Court refers validity of standard contractual clauses for EU-US transfers to the Court of Justice

Ivey v Genting Casinos (UK) Ltd t/a Crockfords - Supreme Court finds professional gambler cheated and redefines criminal dishonesty

R v Press Recognition Panel - High Court rejects judicial review challenge to status of press regulator IMPRESS

Becker v Norway - requiring journalist to testify as to dealings with source violated Article 10

Pablo Star Media Ltd v Richard Bowen - IPEC approves user principle damages for infringement of copyright in photograph of Dylan Thomas

Banner Universal Motion Pictures Ltd v Endemol Shine Group Ltd - can a TV game show format be the subject of copyright protection as a dramatic work?

Neptune (Europe) Ltd v Devol Kitchens Ltd - "surface decoration", "aspects" and "parts" of an unregistered design

Joined Cases C‑361/15 P and C‑405/15 P Easy Sanitary Solutions BV v Group Nivelles NV - CJEU confirms product indication of a Community registered design does not affect scope of protection or citable prior art

Joined Cases C-24/16 and C‑25/16 Nintendo Co Ltd v BigBen Interactive GmbH - Nintendo has Wii problem with video games distributor

Case T‑411/15 PP Gappol Marzena Porczyńska v EUIPO - the importance of reputation in a reputation based opposition

Case C-501/15 P EUIPO v Cactus SA - CJEU confirms IP Translator and Praktiker Bau judgments do not apply retroactively

Tamiz v UK - Article 8 complaint inadmissible as Strasbourg affords a wide margin of appreciation for defamatory blog comment removal process - Analysis and comment from Natasha Holcroft-Emmess

ASA Ruling on 21 Three Clothing Company Ltd t/a - clothing retailer told to ensure that price statements reflect the price of garments featured in its ads

ASA Ruling on News UK + Ireland Ltd t/a News UK - reasonable estimate of demand for promotion but insufficient steps taken to avoid disappointing consumers

ICO publishes blog post on proposal for three-tier fee model for data controllers from May 2018

Ofcom Adjudication on a Complaint by Dr Thea Pitman (Winter Road Rescue, Channel 5) - reality show privacy complaint rejected despite forged signature on release form

Ofcom Adjudication on a Complaint by Mrs Mikaela Skinner on her own behalf and on behalf of her daughter (a minor) (Hunted, Channel 4) - warranted intrusion into private lives of "fugitive" and her daughter

Ofcom Adjudication on Radio Plymouth (What's the Word) - Ofcom accepts remedial action following broadcast competition error

Managing reputations through the Weinstein wreckage - Julian Pike considers the commercial fall-out and the ramifications for Weinstein's estranged wife and his victims, their partners and families

IPSO Ruling on Baker v The Sun on Sunday - characterisation of "Britain's worst serial rapist" considered "not significantly misleading"

European Patent Office and Eurasian Patent Office start fast-track patent examination